A Life of Productivity tip #19: make a procrastination list

A Life of Productivity‘s tip #19 may seem a little counter-intuitive:

Make a procrastination list. Make a list of high-leverage activities you can do the next time you procrastinate. This will let you stay productive while your mind wants to push away the things you have to do.

I’m…not sure about this one. On the plus side, if you’re an Olympic-level procrastinator like I am, it’s got to be a plus to fill that time with things that will actually benefit you, rather than watching an old episode of American Dad for the fourteenth time. And there’s surely a deeper point here about the benefit of being honest with yourself, acknowledging you’re not always going to be working on the right things, and planning how to deal with that.

But I’m just not sure that this would work for me. I’m what the full ALOP article refers to as a destructive procrastinator. When I’m putting off a blog post or a run or a difficult phone call, I don’t do laundry or wash up or alphabetise my spice rack. I faff around on Facebook. I piss about on Pinterest. I nap. If I’ve got a list of useful things I can do while procrastinating, I assure you that I will find a way to put off doing them.

I’m keeping an open mind, though. The article had some interesting-looking further reading, which I’ve added to Pocket. If nothing else, reading it will give me chance to put something else off.

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