A Life of Productivity tip #24: schedule time when you completely disconnect from your work

It’s Easter Sunday! For those who celebrate it. I do not, but since I respect those who do, I didn’t want to disturb them today by doorknocking or even leafleting. And neither did Jeff. This meant I got him to agree to – gasp! – a day off. A whole day! (Well. He did some emails.) We went to the People’s History Museum to see their election exhibition, because obviously that’s what you do when you’re taking a day off from the election.

The great thing about planning some time off – not just taking a break when you’re exhausted, but actually marking some time in your calendar that says 7.00-7.05: Be Cheerful And Relaxed And a People Person – is that you get a mental break, too. Instead of worrying that there’s something else you should be doing, you can – once you get used to it – allow yourself to be convinced that taking some time away from your work is what you actually need to do right now.

Hence: A Life of Productivity‘s tip #24:

Schedule time when you completely disconnect from your work. When you completely disconnect from your work, your mind continues to process your work, but in the background while you do other things.

Happy day off, everybody!

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