A Life of Productivity tip #13: RescueTime

A Life of Productivity‘s tip #13 is:

Track how you spend your time on the computer with RescueTime (Mac, PC, Android; free). You may be surprised by how much time you waste.

I installed it a little while back and boyyy, is it an eye-opener. My weekly summary email informs me that last week I spent 33 hours and 51 minutes in front of this computer. It then breaks that down into the amount of time I spent on very productive, productive, distracting and very distracting pursuits. You can tinker with the settings and teach RescueTime which activities count as ‘distracting’ or ‘productive’ for you – have a look at this article for tips on getting the most out of it.

Getting a weekly email that reminds you exactly how much time you spend on Facebook is very useful when it comes to being mindful about how you spend your time, particularly online. So much so that I’m even considering upgrading to Premium

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