A Life of Productivity tip #38: regulate your office temperature

A Life of Productivity‘s tip #38 is:

Set your office thermostat between 70º–72ºF (21–22ºC). This is the temperature that will make you the most productive.

Click the link above for some evidence about how temperature affects our productivity. In some ways it’s obvious: once, in the lull between Christmas and New Year, I decided to spend a couple of days in the flat Getting Stuff Done. The first day went ok; on the second day the temperature dropped and I spent an entire evening huddled in front of my oven, reading a book with fingerless gloves on.

I bring this up as a point of interest, not because I’m actually capable of regulating the temperature of my workspace. I actually can’t get warm in the campaign office no matter what it’s like outside…#brr

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