A Life of Productivity tip #21: schedule your free time; or, Why I Used To Hate Fridays

]Today’s ALOP tipschedule your free time.

Until recently, alongside council commitments, I was working a four-day week. This meant I usually had Fridays ‘free’ (albeit usually with a long to-do list of council casework, reading, writing projects and emails to deal with).  A three day weekend sounds great, right? Nope. At some point in the last year or so I developed Fridayphobia. And I think this was for the same reason that, according to the link above, noon on a Sunday is the ‘unhappiest time in America’. Without structure, I was getting nothing done; and without getting anything done, I was stressed and miserable.

The turning point came when a friend and I started scheduling a Friday morning catch up at Trove in Levenshulme for coffee (and breakfast, if we’re feeling particularly extravagant. Try the avocado toast with chilli). Planning that forty-five minute start to my day prompts me to plan the rest of the day out as well. I get more done and I feel happier.

If you haven’t tried scheduling your free time yet, I recommend you give it a go. It’s almost as good as avocado toast.

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