A Life of Productivity #12: touch-typing

A Life of Productivity‘s tip #12 looked like it would be useful:

Learn to touch type. The average typing speed is about 40 WPM, and touch typing can boost that to 60–80 WPM—a 50% to 100% increase. The time you save will add up very quickly.

I’m trying to cultivate a daily writing habit; I want to blog more; basically everything I do involves a lot of typing. This seemed like a good way to shave minutes off most tasks.

But first, to find out my actual current typing speed. I decided to use http://typera.net/ because it reminds me of the time that this woman schooled a guy on OKCupid after he mansplained her own typing speed to her.

My typing speed came out at ~71 wpm – nowhere near either of the competing OKCupid typists above, but midway through the apparent speed you can get from touch-typing. So the lesson I’m taking from that is that this doesn’t need to be my priority right now. But it’s always good to learn new things – and a 100+ wpm would definitely save me some time! – so I’m adding ‘learn to touch type‘ to my list of Stuff To Do After The Election. Along with basically everything else.

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