A Life of Productivity tip #65: quit multitasking

Today’s productivity tip, courtesy of AYOPstop multitasking.

Ugh. I love multitasking. I draft speeches while I’m running. I drink smoothies while I’m showering. (I also once answered the phone while showering, which turned out to be expensive.) I tweet while holding my godson. I watch The Good Wife while washing up.

tgw gif

I watch The Good Wife while ironing.


I watch The Good Wife while cooking.


I watch The Good Wife while on the phone to my mother.


Actually, I do lots of things while I’m on the phone – probably because I spend most of my life on the phone and I like having something to do with my hands.

In short, me quitting multitasking is like [someone topical] quitting [some thing that they do a lot, although for greater comic effect it should not be the thing that they are primarily meant to do].

So what advice does A Year of Productivity have for me? You can read the full article here, but this is how I see the highlights:

– if you can do it without hands, you can do it while washing up

– you can do pretty much anything while listening to music

– but switch off all the social media alerts that distract you

– keep meditating (ack) to help you learn to focus

– and remember that your brain really can only do one thing at once.

In other words:

ron swanson

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