Grace North Run

In September I will be running – stop laughing – I will be running the Great North Run (aka Grace North Run), which is a half-marathon, which is 13.1 miles.

If you remember me from PE – or have, indeed, ever seen me attempt to run up a flight of stairs – you will realise how ridiculous this is. I run in elections. I do not run in races. UNTIL NOW.

Since my usual exercise regime consists of power-lifting meeting papers (and pints) and my usual diet consists of five kinds of biscuit per day (and pints), I’m having to put in some serious training effort for this. I’ve been running around Platt Fields so much my trainers are coated in goose-poo. I’ve been cross-training in the Aquatics Centre despite the unpleasant Year 7 flashbacks I get when I’m swimming. I’ve been learning terms like ‘cross-training’. It’s all very out of character.

The only thing that will make all this nonsense worth it is if I can make a totally massive pile of money for the NSPCC. We’ve been reminded over the last months how vital their work is. For years, abused children have been ignored, blamed, denied a voice or too scared to come forward. NSPCC and ChildLine need our help to reach out to more children and give them support, a listening ear and most of all a voice.

When I’m collapsed in a post-run heap (or ambulance) in Newcastle on the 15th September, I’d love to think that the couple (or dozen) of hours I’ve just spent running will pay for a few hours of NSPCC ChildLine workers answering the phone to kids who need them. And I’d be so grateful for any donation you can give to help.

Thanks & much love,


PS – the official name of this event is the Bupa Great North Run, which means I will unfortunately be a running one-woman advert for a private healthcare provider. But if I make at least my fundraising target of £500, I promise I will run it with ‘I love the NHS’ written on my face. Which is surely worth a donation in itself.

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  1. Best of luck with all that. I’ll be sure to make a donation. And you couldn’t pick a better city to start racing in. NovocastrianGrace!

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