Today on the internet: street harassment, a low-budget British film and the happiest of pigs

A short one today, because the weather’s so beautiful I’ve been out basking…ha! As if. I was in the CAB in Salford where it is hotter than the surface of the sun and every time you turn a fan on, 900 pages of DWP bureaucracy blow in your face like some kind of austerity-era Noel’s House Party game. Anyway.

What I’ve been reading today:

Mostly just this, by Caf, about street harassment. It is very sweary but don’t let that stop you, for it is excellent. Here is a sample quote:

From the comments I’ve gathered, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only resolution is to stop being female, to walk around in a full body sack that hides any indication that I am in possession of a body, and which could possibly convince people that from my neck to my knees I’m actually made of Milkybars and jam.

Video of the day:

My friend Michael emailed me this link along with the words ‘Scary British alien predator film. Look good or terrible?’ I have thought about it and decided: good. What does everyone else think?

And finally, the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet today:

Forgive me from stealing this from Stylist again, but look. It’s a pig on a deckchair. Look at his happy little legs.

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