Today on the internet: jobs, job interviews, Tom Watson and Lego

What I’ve been reading today:

Following the government’s reluctant publication of Adrian Beecroft’s report on how much higher employment would be if bosses could simply sack people “if they didn’t fancy them”, as one of my council colleagues put it today – I found this Left Foot Foward piece, from back in March, pretty illuminating.

Also revealing was Cameron’s attempt at a comeback when Ed M called him on this in PMQs – no, not the ‘muttering idiot’ comment on Ed Balls, but the usual going on-and-on about the unions. I’m not sure anyone is convinced by the PM’s repeated efforts to equate the ¬†Labour Party’s trade union link to the Tories’ link to the likes of Adrian Beecroft, who has donated almost ¬£600,000 to the Nasty Party since Cameron became leader. But it is Cameron’s apparent conviction that only someone in the pocket of the union paymasters would care whether workers could be sacked, at will, for no reason, that really demonstrates how out of touch he is. We know he’s never had a real job, but does he even know anyone who has?

Zoe Williams meanwhile has been watching Clegg going on about social mobility, and she makes a point that all parties would do well to pay attention to: social mobility, by itself, is worthless. It’s the equivalent of one of my residents coming to me and saying that their street is messy, and me giving them the bus-fare to go somewhere else. We should strive to improve the quality of life for people of every class, not just facilitating a way for the brightest people to leave.

I also enjoyed this New Statesman article by Ed Miliband on his relationship with his Jewish heritage, and this trailer for a Tom Watson interview in the next issue of Prospect, which prompted LabourList speculation about the future of Watson’s political career.

Video of the day:

On an entirely different note, here’s a video about making a giant wave out of Lego.

And finally – the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet today:

If you don’t follow Rhodri Marsden on Twitter, you really should. He’s a funny tweeter any day of the week, but he also occasionally asks his followers about their worst experiences with dating, Valentine’s Day, Christmas – and, today, job interviews. Quite a lot of the responses were laugh-out-loud funny, and he helpfully Storified them here. It’s hilarious until you remember we’re all going to need to go to a lot of interviews once the government makes it legal to sack us for no reason.

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