Today on the internet: debt, pensions and clothes-swapping

What I’ve been reading today:

I was a little surprised to wake up this morning to a small news item on the Today programme about Medway CAB in Kent teaming up with legal loan shark Wonga to run a survey on debt. Carl Packman at Though Cowards Flinch has a good summary of the online response, including his own New Statesman piece on the worrying extent of Wonga’s efforts to detoxify their brand.

Video of the day:

The 68 is too late campaign have a short simple video on why they oppose the Government’s pension changes – worth a watch, and don’t forget to sign the petition.

And finally – the coolest thing I’ve seen on the internet today:

Stolen from today’s Emerald Street email – a blog in which couples are photographed wearing each other’s clothes. Weirdly adorable.

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