24/3/11: Help with the census in Manchester

Kingsbrook Road and nearby streets

Got back a couple of hours ago from a meeting of the Kingsbrook residents’ association, which covers some of this area here:

Kingsbrook Road and nearby streets

It was only the second meeting and there were loads of people there to interrogate the councillors and so on, which is very encouraging!

Aside from said interrogation, the meeting included a quick talk by a member of Census staff, which apart from anything else reminded me that I still need to fill in my part of the Pallas/Fletcher-Hackwod household census.

However, she also mentioned that there are a number of drop-in sessions across Manchester for people who need guidance on completing the form. A couple of people in Fallowfield have asked me for help with this already – I’m going to see a couple of residents on Sunday to give them a bit of a hand – so I had a quick look when I got home, and the dates of the drop-in sessions are all on the Manchester City Council website. There’s a session in Fallowfield at 2-5pm on March the 31st at Fallowfield Library – if you know anyone who needs any help please point them in the right direction!

2 thoughts on “24/3/11: Help with the census in Manchester

  1. This should be filed under “Whalley Range”, “Alexandra Park” or “Chorlton-cum-Hardy”. Fallowfield is full of student bedsits; it has no class.

    1. Hi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, albeit a fairly pointless and insulting one. ‘Fallowfield’ as the term appears on my blog refers to the city council ward boundary, and the area on the map falls inside that – although you’re right that most of the people who live in that area would tend to think of themselves as living in the areas you name, so I’ll update my tags in future to clarify.

      Fallowfield does indeed have a lot of student housing (mostly shared houses rather than ‘bedsits’, since this is 2011), as well as several thousand permanent residents, some rather excellent bars, a beautiful hundred-year-old park, a clothes museum and an annual festival, to name a few of its other features. I’m not going to speculate about what exactly constitutes ‘class’, but I’m fairly confident this commenter has not encountered any.

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